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A road bike ride around Dillon Reservoir


One of my favorite bike rides near Breckenridge is a circumnavigation of Dillon Reservoir. This time lapse video I made of one such ride attempts to convey how beautiful this ride really is. The ride takes you from the rec path in Breckenridge, North to Farmer’s Corner (where the high school is) and on to Frisco… via our recently opened new alignment… near where the old two lane highway used to be. From Frisco, the ride heads to Dillon over the Dam Road, then into Summit Cove and over Swan Mountain. The views are astounding… and they lesson the sting of the hard work being done on the bike. Here is the Strava if you are curious about the route. It’s about 32 miles round trip from Breckenridge to Breckenridge. A shorter version, about 20 miles, can be done by parking anywhere near the lake.

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