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Summit County: The healthiest county in the USA

by Ben BrewerNovember 07, 2017

I try to keep myself in shape by doing fun things outside and eating as well as possible. And, sometimes I look around me and think… “hmmm, I’m the least healthy person in this room.” THAT is a great luxury and benefit of living here. Sometimes when I see someone who seems to be glowing and vibrating with good energy, I simply ask them… “what have you been doing lately?” And, just like that, I usually come away with some tip or trick that I didn’t know before. This is in fact how I have learned about green smoothies, local bike rides, the benefits of eating blackberries, cross fit and the list goes on. We have the benefit of living in an area that is like a big  playground, providing opportunities for outdoor adventures of all different kinds. We also enjoy a core community of people who pursue these activities. This is a great combination… making us the healthiest county in the US of A. See the article linked below.

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