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Purchased for $12,000 in 1965, what do you suppose it's worth now? The Remarkable Journey of My Childhood Home in Breckenridge

When my parents moved to Breckenridge, Colorado in 1961, there were around 300 permanent residents living in the town. Most of the residents at this time were unemployed (or underemployed) miners, because the largest employer in the area (Climax Molybdenum Mine) was in a post-WWII slump. But the winter of 1961 also marked the opening of the Breckenridge Ski Area.

Kate and Betsey Brewer at 102 S. High Street in Breckenridge in the Summer of 1965.

My parents were both skiers. They met at the 1960 winter olympics in Squaw Valley California. Sharing a fierce pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit; my parents were drawn to the opportunity and promise presented by a new Colorado ski town.

When my parents bought their first house in Breckenridge in 1965, they could just barely afford the $12,000 price tag. But, the house was perfect. Their first child, my sister Betsey, was just one year old and they needed more space. The views, location and size suited their young family. To be sure, by today's standards the house was modest. It was heated by a wood stove and an oil heater and had just two bedrooms, one bath and no garage. But it occupied a double sized lot, right in town.

The view from 102 S. High St.

Through the years, the home served as a community focal point. My parents hosted legendary community gatherings and parties in the home. Neighborhood kids, our childhood friends, would gather every morning for us all to walk to school together. As kids we enjoyed epic games of kick ball and hide and seek in and around the home. An annual 4th of July party (which was also my birthday) became a Breckenridge institution.

4th of July celebration at 102 S. High St. in Breckenridge.

These are my own personal memories of growing up in a family, in a home, and in a town which have helped to make me who I am today. I could not be more grateful for my history in this magical place and with all of these amazing people.

My parents sold the home in around 1978 for around $100,000. But the home has always maintained a special place in my life and my memories.

Fast forward to today, and the home was recently listed for $5,600,000! The current owners are Breckenridge legends themselves, adding onto the home, adding a garage and maintaining it beautifully through the years.

102 S. High Street in Breckenridge today (listed by Slifer Smith & Frampton).

As entrepreneures and champions of Breckenridge since 1961, my parents dreamed of a successful, vibrant Breckenridge, especially through the lean years of the 1960's and 70's. But the town we know today has certainly gone beyond their wildest expectations, in ways that are both good and challenging.

Personally, I've never regretted decisions my parents made... including the sale of our home at 102 S. High Street. Our tenure and our "investment" in Breckenridge as a family goes far beyond the financial and extends into the cultural and social fabric of the town. A lifetime of enjoying the mountains is priceless after all.

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